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About Us

Over 25 years ago we started counseling addicts who had been incarcerated due to their addiction related crimes and discovered there was an entire new class of victims being created through this terrible disease of addiction.  These new victims are our children.  Left out of the picture not understanding why, how, what, where or when they might ever see their parents again while being thrust into the turbulence of growing up in a totally dysfunctional world.  They need direction ... They need help! 


Through education and fun learning vehicles like the WingMan book program which provides children's books to schools and churches that teach about the perils of addiction.  With added fun coloring books to relate to, and arts and crafts puppet making projects, our youth learn at an early age how to live life dealing with life on life's terms


Our efforts over the years in creating countless books through our scribblers program will help lead our world's youth to  evolve into  responsible adults making good choices in their life and realizing that following bad habits and making poor choices leads to serious negative consequences as seen through their parents and others afflicted with the disease of addiction