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About Us

Over 25 years ago we started counseling addicts who had been incarcerated due to their addiction related crimes and discovered there was an entire new class of victims being created through this terrible disease of addiction.  These new victims are our children.  Left out of the picture not understanding why, how, what, where or when they might ever see their parents again while being thrust into the turbulence of growing up in a totally dysfunctional world.  They need direction ... They need help! 


The WingMan Book Program helps children of all ages recognize and deal with the negative impact of addictive substances and other obstacles while growing up. Our program provides schools, churches and other non-profit organizations the tools to help with the challenges of todays society. 


The WingMan Book Program empowers children around the world who are struggling with the effects of addiction to make healthy choices early in life so they can grow into responsible adults.