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Stories of Tragedy turned into Success and Promise


Stories of Rebellion, Drug and Alcohol Use, Insecurity, Addiction, and the effects these have on your life.


Stories of young drug abuse, Prison/Jail effects on families, Anger and Violence Struggles, ways to stay on track and cope with your emotions and find your higher power.


Stories or struggles growing up, Family Addiction, Loss of Hope, Dealing with your emotions, Drugs, Alcohol, Finding your higher power, taking the wrong path but knowing you can make the right choice to turn your life around. There is Hope for you and your family.


Stories of an unstable environment growing up, emotions as a young child, learning to trust your higher power, finding hope and strength within oneself to have the opportunity to help others.


Stories of bad decisions in life, feelings of hopelessness and aloneness, excuses for your behavior, Finding the people who are on your team, find your higher power, there is hope, stop using your frustration as an excuse.


Struggles with Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, Knowing you are worth it, Realizing you need help, Ways to connect with your higher power, feeling the feeling of freedom, gratitude, finding a way to make a difference in your community.