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Meet the Scribblers

Over 20 years ago, Nita Brady started the faith-based support group "Beyond the Walls". Someone once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention". And that saying truly applies in this case. Because she was in great need of connecting with other mothers who were experiencing what she was experiencing--having a son in prison--she began the group, starting with one other mother. Over the years, the group has expanded to include wives, sisters, girlfriends, and grandmothers. Despite all of their differences (age, background, cultural, walks of life), they all have one thing in common: they have a loved one locked up. It is a special group with a strong bond. Emotional and spiritual support is given and received--not only at meetings, but in between times as well. Information is shared; encouragement abounds; empowerment is experienced in a real way. As Nita was seeking God about starting the group, feeling overwhelmed, she prayed, "Lord, I don't know anything about support groups... I don't even know what I would call it...." The answer came immediately, "I want you to call the group Beyond the Walls, because My Spirit can go beyond the walls of any prison and minister in ways you could never imagine; likewise, My Spirit can go beyond the prison walls to minister to the families in ways you cannot imagine."

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Witness the Disease of Addiction

This is where the "Rubber Meets The Road!"

Prepare yourself to experience the true tragedy of what the disease of addiction is doing to all of us.  This includes both "the addicts", and the rest of us,  "the victims" who have to live on a daily basis with the "addict in our life."  Get ready to see the pain, frustration, sadness and tragedy of what this terrible disease is doing to us, our friends, our families and the fabric of our society.  This terrible disease of addiction touches all of us on this planet, somehow, someway.  Here are the stories of the survivors.  

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